vv brown

had fun shooting the effervescent vv brown in north london and then headed up to suffolk for birthday hi-jinx with sandra - ! just arrived and had a pint in the angel! hurrah!


Blur - Brixton Academy 20/06/09

Tomoland rather brilliantly came up with plus one for the Blur 'friends and family' Glastonbury warm-up show at Brixton Academy on saturday afternoon - two hours and ten minutes of nostalgic excellence - walking out afterwards blinking in the thin June sunlight a mere two minutes from home felt rather surreal - fucking brilliant afternoon which dredged up a few old poignant memories of the west london days - another country and all that...

spooning with rosie -

finally made it into rosie's deli to buy a copy of her fab cook book and get it signed by the masterchef herself - had a perfect soya/vanila latte and a catch-up - strolled around brixton afterwards and decided that I can sometimes be a bt hard on the old place - it is totally mental in a good way - www.rosiedelicafe.com


keith beckle's polaroids

so keith just got back from NYC where he was hanging with Abel Ferrara!!! and he got to take a load of portraits of the legendary director and his little italy buddies - I love these shots - keith let me post them on my blog - enjoy! keithbeckles.com


sonic youth - the eternal

you have to buy the new sonic youth album - it's really good - ace cover as well - that's Johnny Thunders in the back room of Max's after a Stooges show by Danny Fields


more massive 'heed' worshipping

shot petit boots today - tried on the 'heed' - only after it had been thoroughly hoovered of creepy crawlies though -
stockwell is very hot and sticky -

Indie: what happened???!!!


i'll buy you a jet plane baby

my dad found these in the attic of the staionery shop in leiston where they used to hang in splendour from the ceiling of the now departed toy department - some old guy made them up and painted them many many moons ago - I await tomoland and k0f1 comments naming the 'kites' in question - by the way the spelling of 'heads' as 'heeds' in previous blog was intentional - a nod to the TFI friday SCOTTISH style pronunciation of the word -


massive heeds

drove to suffolk to pick up the massive 'heeds' from a road in ipswich - they are fantastic - i love them - they are from a theatre in london from the 1950's - sandra and i are faffing around on the beach and the weather is great - it is so peaceful here - got the record player working and listening to old vinyl stuff like andre previn's 'hollywood by night' piano instrumentals - although was disturbed to find some country bumpkin banksy wannabe had fixed an 'ironic' pistol toting panda stencil on the building opposite the shop -