X - 1 experimental cockpit assembly - with new pilot

and some suffolk pics from the beach - super hot today - found amazing 'hobbies' shop in middle of a field in middle of nowhere -


fondly known as 'the cow'

that's george cowley to you though - ss and i completed the professionals puzzle at the shop, one piece missing though - started work on the x-1 model kit from tomoland - update soon - its going to be hotter than hawaii in suffolk tomorrow according to the EADT -


adnams i salute you

late summer holiday in very warm suffolk - pint of twos - the angel - nuff said -




tri - x 400 = home processed - i love the smell of ifosol in the morning -


there's a nice lancia -

saw this in waterloo yesterday after an open house visit - very nice hatchback -



shooting tom hiddlestone for esquire in mayfair was a very pleasant experience - great weather and no hassle, also got a shot of danny top loc van driver -


Gary Oldman Esquire October 2011

this was a fun shoot, one of the coolest people I have had the pleasure to photograph - we chatted about the stooges and film vs digital - here's an idea of how much stuff was shot in 90 minutes, predictably very little of this made it's way into the magazine -