A Day At The Races

fantastic day with jimmy on his stag and the moshers at ascot - late post due to marrow embedded hangover ...



all day retouching with the dutch man and haircut that looks a bit like matthew baldwin in usual supspects -



had blud test at st guys and walked into town to sort negs at bayeux - bought a tie at m jacobs for jimmy j's stag do on saturday - ate super food salad in hanover square - went to trademark's show at the try-polar gallery last week but camera ran out of juice after one frame!


spooky, freddy and mr paul

thats spooky the cat - an incarnation of the dead landlady from the closed pub opposite me in suffolk - then freddy my accountant and finally mr paul with whom I had an amazing vongole in osteria basilico with today -


sintra cafe mash-up

so this was last friday - fashion week after show at sintra - got the guitar out and attempted to entertain uncle junior's mates in the sintra garden - scary gig!


wobbleswick ferry

still in suffolk

still hanging in east anglia - finally visited the wolfpack museum in upper holton - dunwich beach was on form - went in the sea again! tomoland cooked a fine chicken for my parents and we have been enjoying the suffolk branch of the social -


southwold dip -

amazing weather in suffolk - tomoland and I are enjoying the last rays of summer - chap assisted in fixing the spitfire which enabled us to repair to the harbour inn southwold for sunset broadsides -