holed up in 1beezer until thursday shooting for Ibiza Rocks - staying in the hallowed location of the club tropicana video -



one of the best tracks and bands ever!!! and on super rare Ork label -


marquis of lorne

attended geek fest 'photographica' in victoria - then repaired to MOL for the footy and drinks with lady jane, finlay etc


grand ciel

shoot in north london and post match macca d's in brixtonia - ra ra ra all back to the dog star - suede were playing the academy resulting in gangs of unsavoury deeply unfashionable indie types mooning around the pubs -



happy birthday steph!

birthday drinks for steph at the gun last night -


black shuck

this is the famous door in blythburgh church that is supposed to be marked by the claws of the original devil dog 'black shuck' - that inspired conan doyle's best book 'the hound of the baskervilles' - woof!


meet the berliners

just had another nine rolls processed up form the stash of b/w films i bought in a berlin flea market a few years ago - there are some crackers on these - will post some more in a bit -



quite possibly one of the best bands EVER - the legendary World Of Twist - our kid's bizarre new band has butchered their classic track Sons Of The Stage as a recent B-side - I urge you to track down their seminal LP Quality Street and give it in the words of Eddo's dad, Big Dave - "a right good playing"

deep end

saw amazing 70's flick Deep End last night at the BFI - try and catch it - classic opening scene of hero on a pushbike tracking shot with killer music, a fave trick of spike jonze and h korine - and some paper planes on the southbank


k swiss

some noo stuff for vice - "when Alexander of Macedonia was 33 he cried salt tears because there were no more worlds left to conquer...
Eric Bristow is 27 - "


hit the north!

went to leicester to watch ipswich last game of the season - not great! this moke cheered me up in suffolk on way back -


peckham art centrale

spent 'art' day with keef in peckham - it's well 'arty' - discovered the bunhouse pub on the high street which is a superb boozer - the barlady even told us that we can bring our own sandwiches in next time if we are feeling peckish -