Hooked up with Alex and Chloe in Nott Hill for a fab lunch at Costas before they sod off on holiday for a month - (Costa's that is) - then Kat (guardian angel) and I repaired to Charlotte's leaving do in the Western End where I proceeded to get very tight on beer and vodka - Alex is re-telling the tale of an altercation he had in Southport with a bouncer in a club called Manhattans in one of the pictures -


f a s h i on

had a longish but fun day shooting - tapas at the MI5 bar - going to re watch the Wickerman (orig version) weather was irritating -



Laid a few ghosts to rest today shooting the 'ex' - great fun and not really that weird - has taken a while though - Keef missed out on lunch as was called to Film Plus by task master Soni - I could hear his stomach rumbling some twelve miles away...


music for punks

spent all week in suffolk working on the shop - came back to DJ with The Oxo at the XX Teens most excellent night at the Macbeth - feeling very fragile this morning


Chediston St Project/Latitude

Back up in Suffolk - working on the shop - attending Lat festival which is literally next door to this place - very cathartic this renovation for a moral amnesiac like myself -


If, Like me...

If, like me you're starting to settle into the "let's not bother going out when we can watch TV at home" stage, it's going to take take something to good to get you off the sofa.
So when my local Japanese restaurant Mika off Portobello Road, decided to hold an introductory sushi course it sounded like a perfect excuse to dash myself around the face with an incredibly sharp Sabatier kitchen knife resulting in a terrific loss of blood and much futile (because lets face it, no one is going to come and save mummy) wailing from my shit scared children -

The Chediston Street project update

Bit of a montage going on here - great drive to Suffolk to work on the shop - sorted lots of problems out - laughed a lot with the new recruit - Aldeburgh beach was absolutely beautiful on Saturday morning - the Super Mario lookalike is Morris the electrician who has been a godsend - I will be getting rid of that terrible yellow color soon - went to a wedding where they rotated a pig over fire - off to The Fat Duck today with Fella and Daren for silly ice cream and high jinks


ever loving Saturday

Off to Kelvedon today - not the 'hatch' but a wedding party - got a great Malkmus remix ep of Kindling for the Master today - a year late but sounds great - watched Hoffman earlier - a really downbeat and depressing P Seller's movie in which he describes women as "fallopian tubes with teeth" nice - Suffolk tomorrow to take collection of the pitch pine boards in the pic above


Wild Horses

Trollied on free shampoo at a Sony laptop launch that they forgot to invite anyone to - everyone crowded outside smoking fags - met some nice people - got the nightbus home with Keef and Anna B - surprisingly good fun


You're a good man Charlie Brown

had an appt in Rosebery Avenue my fave street name in London - met Lady Jane on the south bank for some smoked haddock spinach and mash - ran to Borough Mkt again got bus home - am making a large Lady Di backdrop from postcards - getting the wood flooring delivered to the shop on Sunday so quite excited - watched that idiot on the Culture show ponce around the Wicker Man locations which irked me somewhat -



A real rain came at last and washed all the scum off the streets whilst I was eating sausage and mash - then I went to see the Hulk Elvis Jeff Koons sculpture and painting exhibitions at both Gagosian galleries in Kings X and the West End - its really good although I didnt envy the security guard in Davies St whose life at the moment must be like perpetual suicide -