Muntjac (Muntiacus)

In suffolk at the shop taking delivery of Togo sofa, it is very, very comfortable - dangerous - also on a recce at sizewell for a shoot, got picked up by the CNC (civil nuclear constabulary) and run through the national computer, they dont like tele-photo lens' around the perimeter fence of PWR's - quite amusing incident - daniel has been finishing off the kitchen in preparation for Latitude guests - been sorting out my vinyl collection, found this very 'special' cover of an old contemporary's mother - also spotted a Muntjac deer racing through the village of Peasenhall - Muntjac are of great interest in evolutionary studies because of their dramatic chromosome variations and the recent discovery of several new species -


Arguments for/against a moustache

To be stupid and selfish and to have good health are the three requirements for happiness; though if stupidity is lacking, the others are useless -


Rowan And The Crops Failed

Spent the weekend mixing the final pieces of the Crops jigsaw, well, album - "Foxes Earth And Badger Set" - due for september give away release! - had a cruise around London with Lady Jane (Stef) ate in a pub near the river - it's easy to forget how diverse the London landscape can be -



Quick trip to Kent for a nifty haircut from The Great Blondini - he made me take a picture of him in his wrestling outfit -


...and you're OUT!

Dont think Portugal were too happy at being knocked out by the Hun last night - enjoyed a philosophical beer outside the eerily subdued Sintra with Silva, a local mechanic who is currently funding an extravagant new lifestyle of fine wines and tu'penny whores solely based on the gargantuan mountains of cash he is extracting from my good self to rectify the bottomless pit of mechanical failures that look set to plague the Spitfire MKIV until the end of time, and possibly beyond -


Cyd Charisse 1922 - 2008

RIP Cyd - you were a very elegant and cool lady - Duncan and I had dinner in Clariges with Miss Charisse many years ago and also have fond memories of her appearing in our stateside pop promo for 'Property' (in which we name checked her in the chorus) - here are some totally unseen stills that I shot on set all those years ago in 1988 -


Sola Studios

Cleared out the old cobwebs with a nice two dayer in Sola Studios in my old stomping ground of W10 - sleeping patterns all over the place - Cyd Charisse died on tuesday which was sad - she was 86 though, a good innings - Nathan "in like a dog, out like a rat" Jenkins was on good form - Keith came back from NYC with funny stories - I am having a much needed haircut tomorrow and a catch up with the Raine which is always entertaining - if you fancy it K0F1 and myself are on DJ duty tomm night in Herne Hill Half Moon - will be airing the excellent Sharpe and Numan single "Change Your Mind"

The National Elk Service

Back from a week in Sweden and one night in Copenhagen - very nice break - had a brilliant time and met lots of very nice people! Skol!



Mad swedish graduation party going on in Ljungby - this pretty much captures the essence of the occasion!

Euroman cometh...

After a whistle stop weekend tour of Berlin with Soni and Jeremy involving much adventure/sunbathing/flea market attending and a liver punishing marathon boozing session, I now find myself in the very pleasant and relaxing town of Ljungby in southernly Sweden with SS and family - it took us ages to get here due to forest fires on the rail tracks and high winds - now looking forward to a week of fishing, pickled herring and euro football -


Fairey Barracuda MK2 extra pics

Here are some shots from the Nikon of our trip - cool one of my Dad pulling the plane's battery out of the ground, it was very concealed and far too heavy to carry back home - we left it as a marker and memorial - that's Iain McPhee in the Beaters Bothy surrounded by various bygones just before he tanked me up on Famous Grouse - and an arrow pointing to the spot where we were told to search for the crash site on the Glen Turret estate - it's not actually on Ben Chonzie but just before it, will get the name of this Munro at a later date- at the bottom is a picture of the MK2