Madeira - dam

Friday breakfast with SS in Madeira - then a meeting then up to Suffolk - just got back from gay Aldeburgh food festival - pics to follow - A Chediston Project overnight stay demain is on the cards



moi, keef and lady charlotte at a party well before we lapsed into drunkeness...


The Queen of hearts

Baked some tarts, how cute are they? my niece made them, bought some more folly at the auction rooms in Suffolk, excellent Gladstone portrait and a racist ludo game - Dan laid the floor in the main room of the shop, kitchen going in this weekend - got a great shot of Keef with Abi Titmuss at the Skymag party last night but it's on good old film so wont be appearing on blog until scanned -

your love is so cold you're frozen in love yeah...

Chediston Street Project update, I think I will be having a Halloween house warming party...


Alternative Umbrella

Attended the Alternative Umbrella Comp in Southwold, glorious day, hung out with Chap and Bilal, swifty in the Nelson and back to the CSP for more painting...


Saturday Social

Back in Suffolk to paint the project, hooked up with Nancy and her mum, we then repaired to the Halesworth Social Club of which I am now a member! it really is the only place to while away a Saturday evening - loads cheaper than Soho house, only eight quid a year! off to Southwold this morning for an umbrella pimping competition then more paintwork -


Shoot-up Hill

Great fun shoot today, beautiful weather, felt a tad fragile - back to Suffolk soon to tackle a leaky roof at the Chediston Project -


Luella party

Right old knees up in Claridges Ballroom for the Luella aftershow party, caught up with tons of old faces, copious amounts of free shampoo ensured that much fun was had by all - stumbled to a cab with the tipsy Mr Laidler - shooting today, erk!



finally cought up with Steph, had a greasy spoon lunch underneath her place -

w i n g s

flicking thru great Wings book, briliant pictures