Stella - Sunday Telegraph 28/10/12

latest shoot in stella today - looks a lot better here with all the shots included and minus the garish alan titchmarsh adverts squeezed in beteween each page -


60 years of shit NME covers: supergrass

this was shot at the legendary worx studios in kings cross, not much of note happened on this one but I did get a 7" sleeve out of the extra single portraits of the band -


ping pong punk

last night at the grosevenor pub in stockwell, 5 shitty fingers and farmer duncan played acoustic sets whilst a table tennis tournament took place on dance floor, new gig concept maybe -


60 years of shit NME covers: basement jaxx

it's saturday again which means it's time for another one of my celebrated NME covers from the nineties - this one is a particular favourite of mine and was the brainchild of neil 'tomoland' thomson involving a trip to duxford air museum with south london's finest dance merchants basement jaxx - it was pissing down with rain and we ended up in an old passenger kite full of tourists which we had to clear out of the way for this very obviously pre-911 cover image - that's ruth from toast pr in the monkey mask by the way -


a cheap holiday in other people's misery

superb exhibition of punk art/fanzines/sleeves/flyers etc in the hayward gallery foyer - a total must see - excellent crass stuff on show and nyc ephemera, and it's free!


60 years of shit NME covers: ultrasound

this was my FIRST ever NME cover and I was exceptionally excited to be shooting the ironically named tiny from indie's new darlings on the block ultrasound - ever obsessed with cover themes it was decided that tiny would be dressed as an imperious king complete with crown and sceptre etc - during the interview tiny actually fell through the sofa rendering it unfit for use afterwards, he stoically ignored the collapse and carried on talking with his arse on the floor throughout the rest of the interview - staunch


60 years of shit NME covers: damon albarn

this was a cover concept that went horribly wrong - having convinced damon to wear my home made tiger suit for an NME cover with promises of a super cool david sims style nirvana session I naturally assumed that we were both well on our way to cover star immortality - for some reason however, it all went a bit 'smash hits' and dr albarn hated the shots, gently suggesting that he would rather not see them ever being syndicated elsewhere to which I duly agreed - there are some cool shots from this session though - honestly!




walked past this guy an hour ago in clapham in marios cafe window - this is a superb spot for candid pictures when the sun is out - looks alarmingly like malcom tucker in a moment of fuming repose -