tv's, deep freeze david bowie l.p.'s

Went to Campsea Ashe auction rooms, bought some 'props for shoots' bloody freezing but always good fun, everyone there looks like extras from The Hills Have Eyes - bumped into my cousin Richard and Nick Paine from the west London days, he used to run Mr Christians deli - now living the country life in Aldeburgh!


The sun the sea

Spent a day on my own driving around the beaches in Aldeburgh and Walberswick, lunch in the Anchor, went to a freezing car boot sale, bought Barbour scarf and the Penguin book of salads, came home, watched This Sporting Life and crashed out at half six - perfect.


the day after boxing day

I had a really lovely day - woke up far too early, arriving from Gothenburg to Stockwell at midnight, hassled Sandra to get up - arrived safely in Suffolk courtesy of Daniel - stopped at supermarket in Ipswich, got supplies and hosted a very successful Christmas supper for my Mater and Pater and sister and brother in law and niece and nephew in the shop which was very heart warming and perfect - had a night cap in the Angel and the White Swan but felt very detached from my surroundings - East Hastings has just started playing in shuffle mode on my ipod Bose thing - parfait!


Boxing day

Feeling very fragile today after too much schnaps, was cheered up by amazing sumo outfits and even more food!!! and it's snowing -


God Jul!

It's Christmas Day in Sweden and Sandra and I made the local paper in Ljungby (much to her horror) that's the most press I've had in years! looking forward to day of meatballs and scandinavian festive fun -


Planes, trains etc...

Made my way to Sweden for Christmas via Zurich, Copenhagen and Malmo - pretty knackered now and feeling slightly disorientated, super christmassy vibe here!



Kore arrived here late last night for a very early call time this morning - great to see him - back in our DRY apartment, going to seek out beer later ---



Started shooting stuff today - had a boat crash and some great food in a far more interesting part of town than where our hotel is (that has NO BAR!)


desert rats

staying in the middle of nowhere in media city - arrgh! makes LA look like a ramblers paradise


Berlin flea market

I bought a load of old b/w exposed rolls of film in Berlin in the summer, just getting them scanned to CD at snappy snaps, hoping for more teutonic weirdness as I plough through them -

re: bok 2

I love my shiny reeboks