Tate a Tate

Very pleasant two days with Chap wandering London, blowout in Madiera last night with mini Sagres which are totally amazing! that's the almost finished kitchen in Chediston street by the way -


w o r x

Nice day with the Gill, great fish and chips, saw Reggie and Stretch, the mini Sipke toy soldier made a return! - Keef's birthday yesterday! thought it was weds!


Vice magazine 5th birthday party

Back in town for a meeting - ended up with Tomoland at two scary parties - Chediston Street is nearly completed -


vice to see you...

Had an old school saturday shooting on the hoof around town - good fun - ended up at Fella's gaff west side for an even older school house party - Keef put me on a night bus at 4am - why do they do it Lewis?


Jan's book launch

Went to a friend's book launch above Henry J Beans, very Kings Rd, very 80's, ended up in the best bar in London, Sintra of course -


This is a Low(estoft)

Cheapest sea-grass matting in East Anglia though, back on track with the Chediston project - Tomoland got me some kick ass vodka from Moldova - check his blog


Scabby titmuff and Keef

Here's an image that I promised ages ago! I think they make a great couple -


nada chien

Going to suffolk tomm to sort out the final stuff on the shop - total nightmare with tradesmen - worse than London - The Sex Pistols are playing up the road - weird - to think it's thirty years since I bought Never mind the bollocks in Hubbards and rode home with it under my arm on my bicycle to Sizewell frothing with anticipation - I can still remember the glorious moment when the needle kissed the vinyl...


sw9 9hx

lit a fire, went to tate britain, ate far too much food, very pleasant indeed,



Two nice shoots one with Clare and one with Charlotte, went to Leeds but spent all day in a chav nite-spot, Dan L came around today, he had been for tea at The Ritz and looked very neat in his dogtooth jacket -