Tomoland took me to see Edwyn Collins (one of my all time art school heroes) at the Shep Bush Empire - it really was an amazing evening, one of the best gigs I have EVER attended - amazing Orange Juice tracks, amazing new album tracks, an exuberant Roddy Frame on guitar - a very moving show - quite perfect and very inspiring - wow - I have had all the cynicism drained from me - utterly brilliant! - thanks Edwyn PS Check out Tomoland's Saab/Grandfather inspired Tattoo!!!


Been scanning old negs and slides that I found - amazing James Hunt documentary digitized from VHS -


Life in the Fez lane...

Rare meeting up of the Crops at Borough mkt to exchange cultral gifts from our respective travels - also included is a still of me from a very old super 8 film of my first band The S-Men - and a 6400 ASA shot of SS on the Nikon D3 by streetlight - nice


Leave it to beaver

Picked up my drawing from the Barry Reigate show - I love it - cant get enough of those little stuffed beavers - spoke to Judge Ed he has a day off so crime is running amok on the streets of London today - the Spitfire is ill again -



Breakfast in Madiera - casting then Tate Modern then massive Brindisa Tapas experience - we ate far too much but it was good -


TK Max

Drove back to London on the very volatile A12 - boring admin to sort out - still cant get Silva to fix the Spitfire, going to enlist Mr D Laidler's skills in Triumph maintenance - bought a parking permit for Chediston Street, 22 quid per annum - cheaper than Lambeth at least - casting tomorrow for a jeans advertising shoot - nearly finished Alex James biography - he really doesnt like Notting Hill, which is strange because one would assume it would be his perfect habitat - ie; F.O.C.
Stockwell stinks as usual - I fear for a warm summer - no pictures today, so here is an archive shot of Ted K and myself taken by Tomoland that I scanned earlier -


The Beach

Went for a late-ish contemplative stroll on Walberswick beach, vast, deserted and beautiful -


Halesworth 2

Back in IP19 - Daniel fitted the kitchen door handles and tomorrow we raise a door step - also had the front of shop glass panels measured for replacement with sealed shot blasted units - now off to the Angel and the Social - paid my annual membership fee in the Social which is now ten pounds a year! - had roast chicken for lunch with mummy and daddy - Dan fixed the step - the weather got nicer and Suffolk started looking like Colorado -


Day Two

Up right early again - finished in the Gt Eastern Hotel - bought a great Contax G2 and flash - nifty little camera, very heavy -

London W1

Back on the freezing streets of London Town again - come back Cairo all is forgiven -
three days of early mornings and insomnia - reading Alex James' biography at the moment, highly amusing but the most amazing fact from it so far is that Jesus Jones actually had a No 1 single and album in America - how on earth did that ever happen?


Car trouble

Day of meetings and a rather unfriendly giant post-it note on my windscreen!


Keith in a Fez

Straight back to the grindstone in Hoxton studios - keith loved his pressie from Cairo as you can well see - met up with Josh for a birthday drink in the Red Lion which was very nice