it's a swindle -

amazingly annoying day traveling for hours aboard freezing coaches and trains in the snow to carrow road to watch ipswich get hammered by the scum - forunately, that evening I had tickets to see the sex pistols experience supported by the brilliant ten pole tudor at the 100 club to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the great rock and roll swindle - the sheer fantastic guilty pleasure of this event (accompanied by eddo and keef) somewhat diffused my earlier distress -


givenchy black metal scarf

went to see my cousins band FVK at indie turd hole the bull and gate - very nostalgic and they were on fine form, check out keef's awesome givency scarf he bought on ebay and SS and melinda's boob off -




saw some of the deftones set at brix academy with ss little sis who is over visiting for a few days - off to suffolk with tomoland demain to film more scenes for monkfish intro -

don't forget the kitty


sipke and brian

ok, these are the last of the darned dog show pics - freezing today in london - saw weird owl movie at the imax which was surprisingly entertaining - also catching up with trash humpers and the foot fist way -


scottish sex pistols

shot in the subterania ladbroke grove a while back - very strange band


these are my two mates from thee most excellent 'madeira' portugese cafe and bar next to me taken last nite on way home from the dog show - recreating elastica's first album cover in glorious ilford HP5 plus b/w film shot on the G2

the stockwell shooting

found photos #1

stockwell tube - bit baader meinhof stylee, it's the same lady with diff looks -

going to the dog(s) show -

earls court exhibition centre, yesterday -


v and a day

slogged round some museums with the dutch man - brilliant neptune statue and bronze crack pipes -