Mr Natty's nautical narrowboat

spent a pleasant afternoon with mr natty on his narrowboat - he has some cool new products out too -


discover dogs

had a day out at a dog show in earls court - very amusing, got some b/w to post up too - just drying at the moment


photographers (shooting) gallery

get down to this ace exhibition at the photographers gallery and have a few pot shots at a target camera set up, £3 for four shots, very addictive and a lot trickier than it looks but you do get to win a picture of yourself at the moment of impact if you hit the bull (which I narrowly missed)


robert and aline crumb - comica

went down to foyles for a very entertaining double crumb q&a - ss got her book signed and some glad eye from the old rogue


60 years of shit NME covers: black rebel motorcycle club

this was my last ever NME cover and commission (not including all the ones that were commissioned and dropped) - shot in new york on a trip with the genial pr john 'finchey' coyne - the band were supporting spiritualized in boston the night before and we got the train to the big apple with giant hangovers - next week the worst selling smash hits 'indie band' cover of all time!