cash pussies

i finally bought this ancient single that i am obsessed with - amazing brilliant sleeve - it's a sid tribute by fred and judy vermorel - strange record


crass stuff

here is the lyric sheet crass sent me with my cassette of asylum and a leaflet i think i got from their very weird gig at traceys nightclub in ipswich -


the genius of costas

if you find yourself down notting hill way - check out costas, the best lunch in town - you may catch the duke of scouse and myself knocking back cypriot wine and grilled haloumi whilst ranting about the 'guardians'

bare ass ibiza

ss took this of nudey krauts on the beach


vauxhall and I

walked into town over V bridge - very murky day - very monday, george V statue opp HOP is awesome, thats the houses of parliament not house of pancakes -

kill yr pet puppy

old punk zine i bought a while back and a snuff sleeve I shot in bassett road kitchen W10 with farmer duncan art directing -



stockwell green location again - two shoots here this week and one next week, got the kangoo towed away outside steph's flat - very boring - i think i have a cold - had a brilliant cheese sarnie in the angel pub bermondsey

puppies and fisons



very early morning shoot in the phenomenally brilliant prince arthur pub aka 'dixies' - this was the last day of the vice/puma thingy which has been much fun -


'magazine' paris

much fun shoot in st.ives printing factory - out now on parisien newsstands


f a b u l o u s

back in london , jolly dinner in rebatos, back home slightly tipsy, ss in 1beezer, working tomm, better get head down, ps found this ace Fabulous 12" in my collection today - tomoland and I enjoyed fine nostalgia -


suffolk -

weekend with tomoland at the shop - brown booze and the spitfire, which somehow has passed it's MOT - off to a car boot in thorpeness now -


is tropical

we lit up the most excellent bar sintra in stockwell tonight for a vice/puma shoot with is tropical - if only they could all be like this!!! suffolk demain with tomoland -

josh - vid

had a very nice lunch in efes b/way market with josh, keef and rory -

m a r i k o

top hair stylist, mariko