met up with sipke at tate modern caff - walked home admiring the thames -

Dido's Moog

enjoyed ex-tiger members performing in crystal palace - caught up with ken 'hermana' lower and his good lady wife maree!


back in town...

...and having bizarre meetings about jobs that vanish by the time you get home! MAKE YOUR F+++ING MINDS UP!



thank fuk for german sat nav - totally lost in siena tuscany on audi a5 sportback launch after losing yorgo at a roundabout - needless to say the setting and food is exquisite - home tomm morning -


latitude 09 sat/sun

was on uncle duties sat - then k0f1 turned up for the Magazine set which was epic - Nick Cave was very good also - especially after the rather tame weekend line-up - feeling a bit shady today - laid on Dunwich beach which helped -


latitude 09 friday

gak gak gak gak - very amusing day with tomoland etc - there seems to be a million people here that I know from years ago - bit spooky - stoically refused to watch the pet shop boys - waiting for Magazine to play - chronic line up this year - k0f1's tent is receiving lots of insults - just come to the shop for a bath and fry up - hanging ruff -


Latitude 09 thursday

got to the site - met up with tomoland - set up camp although sandra and I scarpered back to the shop for a very cosy night in proper bed which was lucky because the most insane storm hit suffolk for about an hour - hope tomo and lady claire are ok - we are camping tonite! honest -


Latitude 09

dusting off my pass and loading up the kangoo for the yearly jaunt to latitude - conveniently close to the shoppe - meeting up with tomoland et al -


stockwell green shoot

shane from island sent me this from a vv shoot a while ago - looks like a pop crime scene -


jocelyn bain hogg 2

jocelyn took these pics of me at a do of our old mate trevor from the grove - just found them in the archive box - I look older then than I do now and these are ancient! just watched Sunday Bloody Sunday - one of my fave films, check it out!!!

viewfinder gallery

visited sipkes exhibition in greenwich at the viewfinder gallery - very nice - plus had an impromptu photo shoot with the ever willing alfie-dog who we have been attending to all weekend - thanks sam and marc for ace dinner!


ratts in their eyes

tete a tate

even more bloody jeff koons - cant keep away from his 'the new' stuff at the tate - had a very lengthy delicious lunch with sandra on the 7th floor overlooking the grey thames - groaned home very full to watch 'are you being served' movie on dvd in honour of mollie sugden but the post office is on strike again and they hadn't delivered it -
so watched 'escape from LA' which is absolutely unintentionally (i hope) jaw droppingly surreal -