monday blah

Spent most of day prepping for a job - then went to see that new Cronenberg movie about ruskie gangsters in London - not for the squeamish - bit silly but watchable - that's it really - shop is dragging behind, need to get to suffolk to sort out -


Thomas Cubitt Belgravia

Pleasant lunch in the TC with Miss Michelle and Jonathan - quiet night in watching the chav pilots on the Armstrong/Miller show



Homer: "Mo, what do you recommend for severe depression?" Mo: "Booze, booze and more booze"

Very cold but beautiful weather today - shot Kieran at Keef's gaff for Vice UK fash thing - had a few Sagres in Sintra - off into town now to meet Tomoland - that's me in Sweden test driving a vintage Saab looking like a dick -



introduced SS to Fletch and Fletch Lives, great soundtrack as well -


thursday -sunday

Had crazy week, home now, it's sunday, cooking a roast and then watching dvds, didnt have camera on me last night which was a shame as Mr Paul and I went to see Ipswich/QPR and then it just got really messy...
Check out the toy soldier pix that Sipke (on the right) put together,


what's your twenty work top man?

Up at 5am, drove to the shop, got a woodburner, been shooting bands which was weird, funny weeknd in town, mirsch masala etc - sitting in the Angel now waiting for 7 meters of kitchen worktop to arrive from Ipswich drinking tea on the internet having cracked their wi-fi password -


There used to be a me, but I had it surgically removed...

I am a romantic and being a romantic has been the cause of making so many mistakes ... I am really looking for a mother figure and a great bird all in one. You must remember that beautiful women are not always the easiest to live with. But, then, God knows, I'm not particularly easy either...


Princelet Street E1

Attended a proper Nathan Barley-esque art opening in the east end - although, Barry's room of 'jungle' lamps was truly amazing - want to buy one but reckon they are too expensive - cought up with the old west London team and repaired to a curry house in Brick Lane that was displaying a sympathetically observed Lady Di mural on the wall -



Spent a very pleasant day retouching with Sipke - had a great Turkish lunch at the Tas Firin on Beth Green Rd, well worth a visit - top al fresco green curry in Yelo with SS - must stop eating so much darn food -