in suffolk on the cb project - getting ready to head out to leiston for more investigative work and a possible shoot - tomoland has joined me before he heads up to yorkshire -


throwing a 'terry'

neil kipping on eurostar

b/w val

gumby rocking my womens institute knitted balaclava that my mum commissioned for xmas last week in val - just cooking up some old b/w films that have been kicking around the flat - knee deep in breaking bad season 2, surely the best tv ever -


plaster alsatian

back in london - nice and rainy - I see the ghastly maroon five are playing TWO nights at brix academy! welcome home -


jim et friends

met up with neil's brother jim and had an eventful afternoon on the sun drenched slopes ending up at the legendary folie douce rave up - very amusing - weather too bad to go up today so reading in bed going swimming and scoffing galettes -

la folie


val disease again

got here sat morning at six am - ergh - had a great day on the slopes sunday - back up today apres lunch - big snow coming weds apparently -