Shalom Pee Wee!

Met up with Mr Olins for a dirty martini and a stir fry in good old Hoxtonia - great to see him - top Vuiton stories from Paree plus he gave me a set of excellent beer mats from NY



F/X2 (The Deadly Art Of Illusion) is on tv - dodgy 80's sequel movie -but all those 80's flicks are so comforting regardless how old you are - some kind of weird lighting/soundtrack vibe, check out Cobra if you haven't seen it for a while, they make you feel all wrapped up in a honey filled blanket - Fletch, Wargames, aaah -

Euro Tower Man Cometh...

Very nice weekend in suffolk, southwold harbour is excellent, like rural Jaws - back to smoke to welcome tomoland to his new abode with drinks in nearby rough and racey pub next to dogshit park - fat bloke from The Office was in there -


brighton rok

two days in brighton - very hot - nice to see great blondini again - van broke on way much to our amusement -


re: bok

two days in watford - in a very cool gymnasium that is unfortunately being demolished soon -



All day casting and recce in Brighton - nice day for it and the old place looks a bit smarter than it used to - ?


Bloody Filthy Nuclear Power

great easter trip to suffolk - nice weather and a memory lane trip to sizewell -


Disappear Here party

Messy night with sandra,keef,mariko and sipke at DH party - ended up drinking suspiciously foul smelling beer in the mother bar - why?


Fred Durst Mission Impossible 2

Los Angeles/year 2000, NME cover shoot, Fred durst being a twat whilst directing the MI2 soundtrack - until V Segal calmed him down - ended up gatecrashing his house in the hollywood hills the next day - dont get any assignments like this anymore - shame


Old Folks

Director Of Ops

Had lunch in my favourite restaurant 'Costas' in notting hill with Alex fresh from his spell in a monastry in thailand and a kick boxing bout - it will be a very sad day when this institution closes it's mighty greek doors - you HAVE to go here!



met tomoland at burrah mkt and papped the oxo's new baby! amazing! saatchi gallery well worth a visit - great show on at the moment - beautiful space and it's free!