xmas drinks ranting - paradise row etc

retouching with sipke all day - here's some b/w from the other night Paradise Row show on newman Street W1 (well worth a look) - off to sverige on thursday!

jelly family

marble arch art works -



drinks at stef's on sat nite - very snowy - Ipswich beat Leicester three nil which was a great present from the tractor boys -


Hard Skin

brilliant hard skin gig at the grosvenor last night - farmer duncan played support with his punk folk satanist band which featured brindle from the legendary flying medallions whom I hadn't seen for years! also in attendance was colin brown sporting an amazing original 1987 trendoid boutique 'world' hoody which I tried to steal from him - stop thinking start drinking!



got no pics becuse its b/w film and not processed yet - had a christmas blow out with neil and jolly and further drinks with greeny etc - feeling tres ruff for round two this morning - we got asked to leave a getty show in the west end by some pompous dave gilmour look-a-alike nit-wit on the charge of being freeloaders (which is ironic seeing that getty has been freeloading off photographers for years) - admittedly we did just saunter in and start swigging the complimentary san miguels, but hey! it's christmas - great show at paradise row gallery on newman street though, where we got a much warmer welcome from the fine art crowd -


gareth vs swedish night

met up with gareth in the swanky new vice offices - then had fun at stefan's swedish xmas night later on -

ultravox first album

i love this sleeve - john foxx way cooler than midge ure -


paree clark

had a meeting in paris land which was a nice distraction from grey london - it was snowing so much that I couldn't really traipse about, so went to excellent (over 18's only) larry clark retrospective at the art musee d'moderne which even had pics by his mum on display, her stuff is amazing - sneaked a picture of them, how fucked is the euro by the way - everything costs a fortune over there -



marquis of lorne

this afternoon in my local stockwell pub - the streets did a video in here apparently


cheeky girlz and cumberbatch

it was all getting a bit dark on here - so here's an old shot of me with the cheeky girls that keef took - also a polie of the bloke who played bronson and that ben down-the-hatch fellow shot for harpers a while back commissioned by the great tom the 'ush' usher whom I haven't seen for ages