potent symbol of the west end

saw strummer movie, bit long- dog sitting alfie until thursday, had a drink in the french house, still a great soho boozer



You guys

just got back from another weekend of sorting the shop in suffolk-hopefully on track now-the last ever two sopranos episodes start on the 3rd june in the US-getting very excited


I've got all this Harvard LSD why wont anybody fuck me?

here are some shots from this week, did a weird phone company shoot-now am really fucking bored! the weather is weirdly humid and irritating-cant be fucked to do anything creative whatsoever, if i wasnt reading this great willie donaldson biography at the moment which is offering me a sliver of hope, i would go off my fucking head-flying back up to suffolk tomm-

I get it!


crazy week

here's pics of all last week, various birthdays etc, work on shop, back to suffolk tomorrow-



I recommend you go and see 30 Century Man the Scott Walker movie, it's great.


Laxfield Low House

More stuff from Suffolk, here is The Oxo and his good lady next to their transport, a car completely made from bird shit (look at the liitle mini Pagoda growing out of the top of the roof). Had a pleasant evening in the Low House, a pub without an actual bar. Bald geordies were earwigging our conversation about internet dating, why do all blokes of a certain age from Newcastle look and dress like this?


Tea and sympathy

Started work on the shop, will update its progress. Amazing cream tea at Olive's farmhouse, Chap had a bonfire, he's the firestarter-


Suffolk weekend

I've just bought an empty shop 7 miles from that beach, it's my new project. Had a great weekend with an old school mate Marky T, that's him with Chap (my dad) in Walberswick