Everyday is like Sunday

day two of the V festival, bed at 5am, feeling very ruff, shooting all day today, urgh...It's now 3.40pm, everyone is flagging, still got two cover shots to do, want to go home! the weather is shit, why anyone attends festivals is beyond me...just shot Danny Dyer, he was ace, with some scary dudes -



This is a picture of Kurt Kinrade from Suffolk that The Oxo took years ago, he was a Bruce Lee fanatic (Kurt, not The Oxo!) - amazing!



Back in London for the weekend - Tomoland was in fine form, had an old school knees up on the roof terrace - Hollie went back to kiwi-land - I return to Suffolk demain to continue work on the Chediston Street Project


Expressway To Yr Skull

Top week in Suffolk - started off at The Gig In The Park in Halesworth, missed The Bunnymen but saw some terrible blues bands, spent the first night in the shop on a bit of foam, Daniel crashed out most of the night and didnt get to drive his Bentley home - the first floorboards were laid yesterday and the bathroom is now 'live' - very exciting as the whole pitch pine floor can go down now throughout - enjoyed an Adnams with The Oxo and Lady Shelly at the Griffin in Yoxford - should have been a session but they had a lunch date in Leiston - Frankie in the bottom shot fell asleep in the loos of the Queens Head and was only discovered when he started snoring - back in the smoke now - meeting Tomoland and printing at lab - note the strange inflatable effigy of MIA stage left at the GITP - uncanny!


Tractor Boys

Back in Suffolk and went to an amazing footy match in Leiston with Chap - Ipswich first team players (Wilnis/Legwinski/Haynes) were having a 'run out' with Leiston FC - very surreal - normality returned when two of the floodlights packed up and the second half was reduced to twenty minutes due to safety reasons - legendary Suffolk humor came to the fore with calls for 50 pence pieces for the meter and a request for Chap to swing his car round towards the pitch and stick his lights on full beam - we lost two nil by the way - this morning I made a peace sign man with my niece and nephew -


Le P'tit Loup

Spent 5 days relaxing in the Dordogne swimming and canoeing with Jonathan Natalie and Miss Michelle - had a great time and now need another holiday to recover from the great food/wine and raucous nightly 'pod'offs - au revoir!