Bought a plastic Halloween chain saw from Woolworths - the nights are drawing in -


Brompton Cemetery

Spot of DJ work with the Oxo - pictured with the blooming Shelly! Dexter Bentley Pub Pop night at The Miller in SE1 - Sunday found me searching the incredible Brompton Cemetery in the blazing sunshine for the final resting place of Henrietta Moraes whose memoirs I have just read - a truly delightful book, a captivating chronicle of a fascinating life - unfortunately her location isn't pin pointed on their celebrity grave map and there are 200,000 inhabitants to choose from - Reluctantly, one was forced to abandon one's search until next week when one can quiz the man who lives next to the chapel for directions - well worth a visit if you are in the area.


Goodbye to Jane!

Jane's farewell to the world of teen mags was an old school west end knees up - very sore heads today -


Our Animalistic System of Respect

Hung with Alan and Ingrid at Borough mkt, went on the back of the Triumph bike, very amusing - Tomoland dropped by en route to the zoo - last night SS and I attended the drinks and discussion evening in Crystal Palace to disect Dan Laidler's recently completed short movie which you can view on you tube http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=MoLvDa_BfgU



This kind of means that Keith has met Obama! thru the power of Terence!


Not waving but clowning...

Jane Gill's last fashion story for Sugar mag today - end of an era! had great fun as always and a celebratory glass of champers afterwards -
the curtain finally falls on my teen mag years - I shall miss the un-pretentiousness of it all -


The Phoenix

Solo expedition to Suffolk - pootled around the coast in the refurbed Spitfire, which now runs like a dream thanks to 'Mossy' from Saxmundham - beautiful weather - drinks and braised rabbit with Daniel and the folks - gorged myself on No-Wave books and Italian gangster art-movies that I received for my birthday - back to the smoke early demain.


turk-ish delight

Up the junction (Loughborough) to shoot Gavin Turk - nice bloke - cool warehouse full of artists stuff being made up by minions, one who told me off for taking that top picture- so i put it on the blog - keef and I blagged a liter of Grey Goose Vodka each as well!


Les Amants Du Pont Neuf

Juliet Binoche season at the NFT - went and saw Les Amants Du Pont Neuf in rememberance of the amazing cinematographer Jean Yves Escoffier who recently passed away - after watching it I can so easily see why Harmony Korine refused to make Gummo unless this genius frenchie was involved - it is so beautifully lit and was obviously a complete labour of love - it's on one more time on the 15th September - well worth a look -



Final Crops gig tomorrow and the album has just been delivered! free copies to everyone attending the show!

The Final Rehearsal!

Had a busy day printing and retouching - also ran a b/w film through the 50p Diana camera that I picked up in Suffolk at a boot sale - Sipke processed it in his kitchen and it works just great despite being the weight of a small feather - then onto Borough and the final prep for the gig on Saturday - went really well and we were treated to visit from staunch Crops fans Tomoland and Steve 'Jolly' Jenkins armed with lager beer and cameras - then onto the Royal Oak for very strong medieval ale where SS joined us for post rehearsal reparte -


Get Pissed - Destroy

The Oxo and myself attended the Pistols gig in Hammersmith - surprisingly very good, very loud, nice to hear a Gibson Les Paul at ear shredding level for a change, the audience were actually very endearing and I regret my earlier blog comments. Chance meeting with ex-Heave bassist Gavin and compadres which was a very nice surprise - Glen Matlock wore a polo shirt and white trousers - Steve Jones was very fat - Paul Cook looked a lot like Sir Textalot and J Rotten was the perfect panto dame/Richard III
(funnily enough responsible for locking up Edward V and his brother Richard in the Bloody Tower thus inspiring the Rich Kids song 'Ghosts Of Princes In Towers' penned by the aforementioned badly dressed Mr Matlock)