down with thatcher at franks

still going strong, franks campari bar in peckham is always a pleasure, great food and brilliant location - best in the day time though - a must visit for anyone coming to town


football is ace

this disgruntled millwall fan was momentarily cheered when southampton went ahead against man city in my local yesterday for my first premier game of the season in the marquis of lorne, a most excellent public house to repair to on a piping hot day


Sir Bobby Robson

spotted this slightly demonic tatt of sir bobby on the shoulder on one of famed 'ipswich twins' on platform 3 yesterday after the game - we drew, deservedly -


cable car and mr natty

if you do anything at the olympics etc - go on this MENTAL cable car from the excel to the O2, it's only three quid and makes the london eye look like a step ladder - then we bumped into mr natty at london bridge and got a pic of him with my dad -