two different shots of me on sizewell beach by two different people (neil s. and josh o.) at different times


W10 night out

still recovering from a monumental hangover due to mammoth session with soni, mr paul and an excitable french photographer called paul who is over here for a week shooting at film plus - that's him in the middle rocking the michael jackson studded leather half gloves, licking his friends face - words are simply not enough to describe the carnage that followed us around from bar to bar courtesy of our european friend - very amusing evening that ended up with us being refused admission to pretty much every hostelry in west london -


took the g2 and the olympus out for a spin - scanning a load of negs -


attack switch attack

ASA played the social - top night of eddo boozing and nonsense - I love this pic of sandra in my specs, but she doesnt - tomoland was absent due to work commitments -

Sacrifice Ltd

Nixon's face filled the screen, but his speech was hopelessly garbled. The only word I could make out was "sacrifice." Over and over again: "Sacrifice...sacrifice...sacrifice..."

coelacanth (old four legs)

get down to the nat hist museum and check out the coelacanth!!! it's amazing - my favourite fish - as it will be yours...



back in the stockwell twenty - swift fashion shoot - superbocks in sintra -


duck rock

cooked lunch for mother's day - went for a nice walk - it's too relaxing in suffolk - I wish I could retire and be an idle loafer drinking adnams all day etc - still, enough of that, it's back to the grindstone demain


dunwich ship

cranked up a reluctant spitfire after the winter hibernation and trundled down to dunwich ship where chap and I enjoyed excellently poured adnams ale by a roaring woodburner - it's mummy's day today and I am cooking lunch in chediston street -


l'élévation des idiots

very pleasant lunch in islington then rat arsed it out of the naked city to the safety of suffolk after a frustrating week of photographic faragos - had a pint of 'twos' in the angel and everything started making sense again - it's saturday morning, a tad chilly but the sun is out -


villa mazarin

spent all day retouching in bethnal green - great lunch in vegan caff but now reek of garlic - worked myself up into a really bad mood but now it is dissipating - this shot was taken by adrian green when he was at trent poly years ago - I found it hidden behind a signed postcard of robert crumb that I framed a thousand years ago -



spot of lunch with the paries at the kings head in laxfield aka the lowhouse - the best kippers you will eat in suffolk - they used to serve them in newspaper but faceless health and safety fun stoppers ended this - adnams oyster ale went down well



in suffolk for the weekend - trying out the D3X on the niece and nephew - it's a very nice bit of kit, these were all shot at something stupid like 25000 ASA - insane fancy dress techno rave in the white swan when we got here - sandra and I were sandwiched between a dancing banana and a giant adult baby - unfortunately no pics as the locals all start getting a bit violent when an 'incomer' armed with a camera appears - will try harder next time - put a donk on it!



go and see Anvil = it's amazing - out and about in town - weather has gone moosey -