lunch at scotts in mayfair - superb razor clamz - tried on velvet smoking jacket in hardy amies, romped around soho with stefan and sipke and now nursing very sore head - ergh -


ewww at oont hutcha

car trubble in suffolk - leaving early for posh lunch date with the dutch man -

chap birthday

pater and I contemplate the north sea - it was very warm! lotsa jelly fish - dunwich beach is currently my fave place at the moment


Latitude 2010

friday nite at Lat - sandra and nancy bought wedding dresses and accidentally looked like die hard florence fans - tom on good form, hoping to see some better bands today -


breakfast on dunwich beach

managed to get to the beach early for al fresco breakfast and a very bracing dip in the north sea - hopefully blagging into latitude later -


spooky the cat

this is the cat from over the road who is a reincarnation of a suffolk landlady from many years ago


the crops -

still suffolk side - weathers gone moody - latitude is setting up down the road -


east side

back from wales, no b/w processed yet - now in suffolk, for family break -


field day -

anyone going to field day in victoria park? silver apples and the fall playing, could be good -

franks cafe and campari bar -

peckham goes all 'berlin' and welcomes the return of the rather novel and very cool campari bar and restaurant slash art gallery aloft a multi-storey car park next to the cinema, stunning views plus the food is good, shuts too early though at ten pm, open thru thursday to sunday until end of sept - arrive early if you want a seat, as no one shifts from them all night -


holland brasil

marky t got married! went to the party in soho right after watching holland duff brasil in favela chic with sipke, naturally he was harangued quite severely afterwards much to our collective amusement -


hail hail rock and roll

ok, so I read 'please kill me' thirteen years too late, but well worth the wait - I shed a tear on the central line at the close of this epic tome -