shoots for vice mag that never got published #1 Larry Clark

November 2002, call from capper:- "titlow can you shoot larry clark for me, now, this afternoon??" me:- "err, yes!!! where?" capper:- "he's in a hotel in town, he got arrested last night for smacking some tartan film mogul and he'll only talk to vice about it" me:- "wow! cool, on my way"
so that's how I met larry clark - he was very cool, he did a quick interview in a cafe and posed for a few shots, but the piece didn't get past the mags lawyers -


mapplethorpe show

arrived too late for free booze - so repaired to the champion for ale - great to see top printer and now snapper daren out - ate in pho - tasty - show is ok - old stuff best -

papper boks

bought these in sverige - 20p each -


your place or shrine(r)

funny hats - and little cars -

dystopian waitrose

this is the meat auction at campsea ashe in suffolk - apocalypse shopping experience - sleeting rain and plastic sheeting - picked up some mounted antlers for thirty quid in the second showroom - bought some very good bangers from the famous revett butchers in wickham market and a mini pheasant which is going in the crockpot this morning for seven hours -


baby baby baby autumn/winter 2010 issue

bbb ran a nicer retouched version of the vice shoot - but only used a few of the ten shots, yawn! also you slackers... get my f***king name right!!! DUR!


nylon mexico

latest shoot for nylon mx - out now I believe - this was inspired by some old ferry/eno pics from the 70's - extra shots on the website -