the geeks shall inherit etc ...

spent the morning at the big sky 'red one' seminar - quite interesting - really good spread of nosh afterwards - a top notch free lunch which keef, jack and I availed ourselves to with gusto - then into the west end to do loads of errands - met SS for a monmouth coffee in the kangoo!


the grocery

walked into town to the wyvern bindery across the hungerford bridge - london looking incredible in the morning light - met up with a groggy josh in the grocery for lunch who is currently on fire having just shot benneton and armani campaigns - ahem! now that's proper work!



pleasant day at film plus shooting la guardia fashion - then enjoyed sonic youth gig in kentish town - they pretty much ambled through latest CD The Eternal (which is great) and then decided to crank it up for an amazing rendition of DEATH VALLEY 69 before buggering off - they still have it, and fortunately haven't split up and annoyingly reformed like every other fucking band seems to be doing at the moment...


Vice Nov 09

Here's the riot grrrl shoot for Vice - this was good fun, and i like the xerox treatment they gave it - alternate version on website with extra shots -

bloggity blog

sipke and jack post drink hoxton square - table and chairs and wall detail in pizza shack in sweden


I'm surrey

four dayer in surrey - early starts and late home - good fun though battling against the autumn weather - just watched the footy, what the hell is beckham's beard about? shave it off you A-hole - and stop giving him England caps - man of the match??? he was only on for f**king ten minutes!!!



well worth a visit - great movie - will become a mysterymen style cult i feel - cinema was empty!