for that is creepy

scanning some negs on my utter shit epson 2480, actually the scanner is fine it's the twattish mac lion software that has screwed up the driver - thanks mac -


women in love

watched this the other day - one of ken russell's best, beautiful cinematography, the drained lake scene is so bleak - million miles better than his adaptation of the rainbow which looked way too made for tv -



reading a nick kent book at the moment and he hated this lot - however, another ledge journo angus batey gave me this track by them and i love it - looks a bit like morrissey with an afro -


Stella Sunday Telegraph 15th Jan 2012

this is out today - shot at my fave place ever, sizewell hall in suffolk right on the beach near where I used to live. The hammer house exterior of this place is awesome and the location right next to the sea is totally unique - true to form however, the inclement november weather prevented us from shooting outside -


kilgour slippers

these are the best slippers ever - made by the dude who used to make fred astaires dancing shoes in italy -


freddy got fingered

re watched this total classic last night - if you have never seen this movie then rent it out now - universally panned on it's release, only now getting deserved recognition - not for the squeamish


Marie Claire fake NYC shoot

so this is a vid i shot of the marie claire shoot in underwood street in london, no you can't actually go to new york you have to make london look like it instead - boo - hopefully a craze that doesn't catch on -


Stella/Sunday Telegraph Jan 1st 2012

this came out yesterday, minus some of the images here - shot in southwold a few months ago, steph stevens styling, was bastad freezing as I recall -