Intersection/Dark Lords

Went to Intersection show in Olden Street, met with Tomoland in the Griffin, dark lords were all in attendance, truly great to see Nathan Mc G, old school West London buddy - Yorgo was looking splendidly Teutonic


The 'Callaghan"

Enjoyed a very healthy Leon lunch underneath the daft Blue Fin building with that crazy beatnik type Callaghan, I presented him with this mini NFL helmet that I expect to be modeled by Putland the cat very soon - Keef's birthday today -


French House

Got fitted out with a suit at Kilgour by Stefan - then popped into the French House for a half on the way home which ended in many beers and shouting - one of the best places to drink in town - always full of nutters - M&S are NEVER going to sell any of those shirts with that label -


Southwold Pier

Running the Spitfire out into Southwold - freaky still weather, very mild and contemplative - starting reading Bram Stoker's Dracula - also swotting up on Suffolk ghost stories of which there are many - k0f1 is in the county and may meet up demain -



Finally recovering from my bug - lost my anti-biotics but I only had a day left - no booze for a week, had a few ales last night though at the Social with Tomoland - three days of shooting and being really fucking 'nice' have taken their toll - my new website will be 'live' soon and will replace the current dinosaur that has been online - those bastard 'Moonpig' adverts are really getting on my tits - lunch at the anchor and hope with lady jane and keef.