Thank God for the rain to wash the trash off the sidewalk

Chap was in town for a day of cuture at both Tates, then went to opening of the Robert Capa show at the Barbican (well worth checking out) followed by tapas in barley-ville.


Snape via Dunwich

Amazing weather in Suffolk ensured that the Spitfire got another late summer run out - this time to the lost city of (the bells!) Dunwich - Thence onto Snape which was as always very twee and now somwewhat unfortunately over developed - the stunning view at the back of the concert hall and the marsh reeds are still beautiful though and it is no wonder that Benjamin Britten wanted to be buried amongst them, when his final request was poo pooed by the local authorities his coffin was touchingly lined with reeds from these very marshes...



Enjoyed a very buttery lunch with Laura in Le Gavroche, where I sat opposite Delia "let's be 'avin you!" Smith (bloody Norwich) then onto the Punchbowl in Mayfair - following through to a rendezvous with Tomoland in Olden Street - home now, listening to disc two of the Fall's 1997 masterpiece L E V I T A T E (that entire year was shit by the way) then... I spent ages scratching out the G and the L on this sweat shirt -


Prego -

Very long day on Friday - late finish and then a side splitting dinner in thee most garish eaterie I have been in a long time Dolce & Gabanna Gold - a temple of taselessness, nice truffles though - Saturday was spent strolling around in the sunshine - back in London now -



Now putting my head down in the Hotel Diana Milan where I once stayed on July the 28th 1987! very strange - hasn't changed that much - gone a bit 'Barley' - had a great dinner in an old school Italiano place full of politicians wives - shooting tomorrow afternoon if all goes to plan -