Bazooka - Simon Foxton - Funk Ass shorts

Found this shoot in an issue of Debut Magazine from very early 80's - The mag also featured an interview with me in my very first band, and thru this I found the legendary Funk Ass shorts from Simon Foxton's awesome label Bazooka which I absolutely adored - I couldn't afford the brilliant blazer with amazing badge which was fifty quid from Hyper Hyper but I could just about stretch to the shorts at twenty quid (a week and a bit dole money at the time I think) I wore my green pair to death in the band Duck You Sucker and more notoriously Blue Mercedes - I even had to get spare pairs copied and made up when the originals fell apart - a super rare pair were copied for our appearance on Blue Peter with the words BLUE and PETER on each leg replacing the more raunchy FUNK ASS which was deemed too naughty for tea time viewing by the beeb -

Duck You Sucker interview - Debut Magazine

Duck You Sucker's first ever interview in Debut Magazine - you have to love the 80's (or not)
photo credit: Peter Ashworth - interview Alec Howe

archway depot N19 -


Jah Wobble - Dazed - turn of the century -

what a lovely bloke - loved this shoot - great stories and a walk along the river with a modern day folk hero - shot on the rz67 - 120vc -