Finished shoot, moved downtown to scuzzier hotel but much cooler - staying on 'til Sunday, leaving on Superbowl day from Brooklyn


a knife, a fork, bottle and cork...

Very nice day shooting followed by a very strange party at our hotel for a hat designer - the pictures will tell the story, although standing on the 'human carpet' all night is something best experienced first hand!


421 Broome Street NY NY

Turns out that Heath Ledger's apt was next door to Keith's place on Broome Street - we went along and paid our respects -


new yoik!

Arrived in the big apple with Keef, dinner with neil stewart at the grey dog and a quick drink in the swimming pool bar of our hotel, saturday night sucks in manhattan that's for sure, deeply uncool people were grooving away to terrible musak in their smalls -
threatening to wear my Speedos tomorrow -


High foot five

Silly bit of 'foot'age from spain job - bumped into Perou today looking very well in the west end! lunch with Sandra! bought some brown socks! went home!


Mi Loca Vida

Three days in Madrid, T-shirt weather, very nice food and people - visited many Sintra like bars -


The band became, a picture frame

top day out - tapas west and east side - saw mr paul and the soni's - rare sighting of nathan mc gough -


The Cutty Wren

Here's a couple of shots of the Molly Men performing The Cutty Wren which were taken on St Stephen's day (Boxing Day) 2007 - well worth catching if one is in the Middleton area next year at this same time - bottom picture is of David Frost and the doomed Lynne Frederick on their wedding day in Theberton which I seem to have developed an obsession about as a result of my fascination for Peter Sellers -


Real Emotional Trash

Monday shoot with Tomoland - full house and an old fashioned Sintra aftershow -


Yes I can (but only if Frank says so)

Bit of a manic week, digital day at the beginning then two days mad location shooting on 35mm film which was nice -