henry moore 'helmet head' 1950

i love this - very modern although fifties - massive moore retrospective at the tate britain (that's the one with the rubbish tiny members lounge) really cool stuff on display, ironically the room without sculptures is the best, moore's super-bleak sketches (during his enforced hiatus from three dimensional work) of traumatised blitz beseiged londoners huddling in the grim tomb-like tube system from nazi-bombs in 1940 truly reveals his sinister side - great lunch at 32 gt queen street, mackerel and rhubarb salad -

ETon drugs



bbb 2010

finally got hold of BBB with the suffolk night shoot in it - looks ok - but the mag retails at an eye watering 14 quid! looking after the alfie dog this week - means I will get some much needed exercise -

more stuff from thus/fri


blog on

got my niece and neph staying here - flat is upside down, shot in a bizarre basement flat that used to be a russian night club - am assuming what i found behind the sofa there is a hangover from it's seedy past - off to streatham ice rink this morning!



met up with fella with a view to organising boarding in val - then had reebok shoot in chilly gym on sat - dinner at sintra with tomoland - weather is still shit!


deutsche börse prize 2010

went to photographers gallery courtesty of georgie p for the börse prize opening - white wine on empty stomach - really liked donavan wylie's room, pics of the maze prison during decommission - there was also a great wall of ephmemera from the troubles culled from a scrap-book that wylie and a mate put together that is absolutely fascinating, the gallery has very wisely seen fit to publish this as a book, I bought one and got it signed by a bemused wylie - one of the best books I have ever purchased - a must-buy! - then repaired to the french house with it's ever-so-slightly-sniffy-looking-down-their-noses bar staff and the BEST cider ever - Breton


t a b_

check out timbaland's super hammy vampire moves in morning after dark vid - really funny - off to see ipswich play tonite west side -