stockers sunrise

amazing red sunrise this morning, weird roof foxes in brixton and rosie in her ace deli -



another stockwell green shoot -

fearless vampire killers

pics from last week in amazing old pumping station in thamesmead, not my normal thing but it's my cousin's band and they are always good fun to hang out with - plus they gave keef and I loads of ale -


murder junkies

watched thoroughly bleak GG allin docu - gag reflex was kicking in a lot -


follow the bear -

went to 3pm screening of a fantastically restored print of Metropolis at the prince charles - totally brilliant, pissing all over most modern guff on offer at the flicks today - leicester square is looking a bit tatty - missing the 70's stylee swiss center and it's bells - also checked out the fab jean cocteau mural in the notre dame chapel next door -

FVK revisited

sunday shoot with my cousins band fearless vampire killers in the wilds of thamesmead - very enjoyable and cleared my hangover

rosie gauguin

the gauguin show at TM is great - he was quite a character - also celebrated rosie's birthday at plan B in brixtonia on sat nite

mr paul by the wall

teresa's record wall finally got unveiled the other night - looks great, get down to portobello rd for a gander at some west london musical history, chap was in town for a few days and we fine dined in a few establishments including the ace angel pub in bermondsey slap bang on the river -



processed a neg onto polaroid on the day lab and turned it round in PS - these are cool french surfing girls in biarritz


old school

thomas talin school in blackheath - 70's stylee - was trying to get that 'elephant' look



misty in suffolk & last week

just got back from nice weekend with neil maja and misty in suffolk - best fish and chips ever in the anchor - and some stuff from last week in town

mr natty

check out my good friend mr natty's site and purchase some of his ace new hair products!


long tongued irish man on ken church street

met this dude with dops in boozer in nott hill whilst checking out the knife stash and shatner cut out in his bedroom -