your chocolate fun starts here

late night shoot in the m&m store in leicester square - forgot how utterly rubbish the west end is on a sunday night, no drinks to be found after 11pm - that's going to be interesting when the olympics is on - westminster council are total pricks


Stella Magazine - Urban Legends - 29/04/12

out today in stella magazine with the sunday telegraph, shot by me - styled by steph stevens - here are the extra shots too -


Lovejoy Nazi Hunters

tons of old lovejoy episodes on tv at the moment - addictive viewing -


robin hardy - director: the wicker man - prince charles cinema 25/04/12

attended a Q&A with robin hardy at a double bill screening of the legendary wicker man and the 'new' sequel 'the wicker tree' - obviously the latter is not a patch on the former but it was nice to see mr hardy out and about signing books/answering questions from assorted film buffs - he also informed us that evening that it was christopher (lord summerisle) lee's 90th birthday - ALL HAIL THE QUEEN OF THE MAY!


dog in the cow

this massive beast was in the cow last week when I met up with director of ops for a de-briefing - I thought it was an irish wolfhound but it's not - it's a scottish sheep herder? I loved the way it was lolling around the pub stuffing its arse and face in peoples dinner, completely blocking the main entrance and everyone was so tolerantly middle class (myself included) that they thought it was just wonderful - if it had been some pikey with a pitbull no doubt it would have been a different story -


Mr Natty - Ardingly

very random day with neil stewart and mr natty at ardingley antiques fair, TONS of crazy stuff for sale - I finally found a vintage bear head mask from an old theater in birmingham, had to stop myself from buying up the whole array of heads available -


dog of two heads

if you want to see some severed, stuffed domestic dog heads on display - get down to the horniman museum in dulwich, it's a great place, quite quirky next to a lovely park - went down there yesterday with ss to view a british pagan ritual photo exhibition -


moby sitting on a giant propeller blade in athens

recently found this in a pile of old transparencies, he was a funny guy - shot on tungsten film with the rz67 with my first ringflash on a very wide lens hence the 6th form vignette effect -



barbican -

shooting at the barbican is always fun - amazing building, inside and out - here's jarvo standing in for our talent to test the lighting -


a midsummer night crown

"he wears a crown and he builds new road" just back from stonking ipswich match at portman road - we drew with birmingham who were crap - bring on millwall this saturday, the final home match of the season -


bath -

have been in iceland for last few days - very cool - will sort pics out for blog inclusion asap -


scandinavian kitchen

it's silvia, queen of the swedes - SK does the best open sandwich in london - three for 5.90!


deptford ham -

this was for sale at deptford market last week, yum - didn't check sell by date -


welcome to the shriners -

this was taken in pittsburgh just before a visit to the andy warhol museum which is an obvious must see if you visit the city - there's also a great feature in vice about these guys and other stateside 'secret societies'


better dead than red - stanley reynolds

just started reading DOP'S father's book from the 60's - so far so good, all the players have great names -