Music For Punks

Music For Punks got to play out their set at the Grosevenor pub in Stockwell - TV Smith put in a sterling set as did Duncan (Snuff/Billy No Mates) and Frankie Stubbs - much boozing entailed and we didnt leave until about 4am -


Jocelyn Bain Hogg

Attended Jocelyn's private view at Print space on Kingsland Rd - pics from his ace book 'The Firm' and newie 'Pleasure Island' - great to see him after so long - he was a stalwart mate and drinking partner from the Ladbroke Grove days of my life - "Dangerous" Dave Courtney even turned up! much fun was to be had from a glass encased interactive model railway set in the gallery complete with a Chapman Brothers style macabre train disaster -
scoffed a green curry at Yello afterwards and kangooed home -


Easter snow

Very pleasant Easter weekend in the shop with SS and the folks - sea-side, snow and brandy - back to London to drink martini rosso/sagres and discuss cars with Silva et Tomoland in Sintra -


London W1

Had a fun fash shoot with all my friends - found some pix from NY of me and Fella - also one of me in a pair of Speedos that Jolly bought me in France - nice -
car is working! will put a pic up soon -


Barry Reigate

Barry's show at Paradise Row got off to a flying start, rammed! ended up in some oyster bar scoffing pork chops and prawns - cought up with a load of old faces - feeling very ill today - car still fucked -


Holly and Kate

Cought up with Holly and Kate and their cute babies in a hell hole yummy mummy cafe in Kensal Rise - bought an absolute heap of rust Triumph Spitfire to use in Suffolk - Keef drove me to greenwich to collect it, it promptly stopped working the second it arrived in Stockwell - should be fun getting it to Halesworth tomorrow with the aid of Tomoland's Saab - erk!


& Co

Shot the Chung-meister again - weather was amazingly bad! saw Finlay in Brick lane we checked out some Chelsea boots -