St. Ockwell

sunday in stockwell - managed to get another shoot out of my flat!


CRAYFISH!!! party

it's crayfish party season in sweden so sandra hosted a mini uk version for fellow ex-pat stefan and teresa - despite the CRAP weather it went very well and lots of bad euro-dancing ensued -


quiz nite

tomoland quiz nite got cancelled due the 'bar' being packed full of annoying after work suits that wouldn't go home -


Matt the ripper

my Matt obsession has peaked with this special blog on the maestro of hair -


the Dulwich horror

2 days in diff locs in dulwich - nice weather please - always a pleasure to see the great blondini in action -


Uncle duties -

Phew! - scorcher! ace 70's style fun at the south bank kids fountain - then creepy museum visit in Dulwich -


Cliff Burton Memorial 09/08/09

Finally got to pay respects at the CB memorial on the lonely ex-E4 road outside of Ljungby - quite a poignant moment in a beautiful setting on a lovely summer evening -

Båstad party town