spent day retouching and a bit of printing with the dutch man - one whiskey then home to tinker with website - season 5 of the wire awaits, I have held out for long time - watched rififi which is criminally being remade with al pacino - why?



Tomoland unveiled his one man show of Heavenly weekend photos at the Social - much boozing entailed with many familiar faces! get down to the bar and check it out!


clare party

Clares b'day party sat night was fun - caught up with Josh and his gang whom I havent seen for ages - late one - into Kilgour again today for last but one tweaking on the suits -



Just back from Barcelona - great fun with Mr Watt at BB - the cops came on the plane when I landed at City airport and escorted the guy who was sitting next to me off the plane which was weird -


Ramblas 45

In barcelona for bread and butter show - didnt bring leads for camera so having to use my phone - just had dinner and now retiring to bed being serenaded by the racket from the streets -


32 Gt Queen Street

Had a haircut from the Great Blondini and participated in an old school overnight rage up with tomoland in sintra - left me in a sorry state on saturday though - recovered in time to meet up with Neil Stewart fresh back from the big apple for Sunday lunch in town followed by a stroll across waterloo bridge and a spot of low tide beach combing - great to see him and catch up


scrubs lane

hooked up with kore finally to see the new addition to his family (ava -scarlett) very cute, but didn't get picture as she was sleeping when i left so here's one of nelson the dog instead - saw this strangeness in a window on scrubs lane -


rum cove

Went and checked out the amazing new FILM PLUS studio complex in west london that neil is building along with some old faces, shug, rob et al! had a great tapas luncheon on the harrow road - cant wait for the opening party!


Cliff Burton memorial Ljungby Sweden

Just watched Metallica's Some Kind Of Monster - amazing movie - was dismayed to discover that I missed out on visiting Cliff Burton's memorial stone in Ljungby when I was there at Christmas - Sandra had told me that he met his end next to her home town but didn't know about this headstone - I am now desperately trying to keep my dinner down whilst watching Rankin murder photography on BBC 4 - kill me now - please!!! no, really, I actually mean it, fucking kill me NOW and hang me out to fucking dry - and do me a huge favour...



studio H spring studios

first job of the new year - usual chaos - nice to see everyone though - eddo popped in from his new abode and regaled us with tales of yore which was very entertaining -



foggy night last night - borrowed a lemon off eliza to accompany sandra's fiskepinner supper -