IP19 8BE

Here are the pix of the shop which is now habitable - just a few finishing touches and a load of exterior painting to complete when we enjoy more clement weather and it's done - bit weird really, cant believe it's a year since the return from Argentina when this was all a pipe dream - what is next on the 'wheel of fun' I wonder...


Tally Ho!

Christmas in Suffolk, very nice the shop is nearly done, pix up tomm, drank some ace Adnams gunk called Tally Ho which they only sell in half pints because it is so lethal - always feel very melancholy when i get back to London at this time of year -


Little Shit

Early starter breakfast at Little Chef on the A12, a guilty pleasure if ever there was one - even bought a copy of the Daily Express


Burn baby burn

Back to the Chediston St project to light the woodburner for the first ever time!!! super excited, the whole place is nearly done and is very cosy, going to be here for xmas - saturday night in the social with Dan was very low key as usual, bumped into brother of The Oxo, Matty in the Angel (the office) freezing cold, amazing Suffolk skies -



Trois days in Paris with French chanteuse Yelle - great fun and top fare!


White Saab, Dark Night

Terrible weather, braved the elements and visited Mr Laidler in Crystal Palace to pick up my Tiger T shirt - dropped off Tomoland at his new motor (pictured) - by the way if you have never heard the Tiger track White Saab, Dark Night I heartily suggest that you try and do so, and then stare at pictures of Saab cars whilst listening -


Strange days

A very enjoyable but strange two days of shoots and nice food...


Let them eat cake...

Had meetings in town and a very tasty veggie sausage and bean 'peasant' stew luncheon in Food For Thought with Sandra - then went to Sunday Mirror party with Keef which resembled a Hogarth etching of unsavoury fleet street types on the lash - very amusing - walked past Harrods which looked very old fashioned - last tube home