Mary Le Bone

went and saw friend Emma who lives in a cool block in Marylebone, really want these detective themed tiles for my kitchen


the chediston street project

buliders arrived on weds, two days late, the drain smells, tons to do, but met up with lots of handy people who are all on board to make it happen, back to the smoke today to rehearse with the Crops in prep for our studio visit on saturday - kat and sarah went to denmark


Dance the Poot!

I know a rhyme that comes in the middle...
Devo put on an amazing show for a bunch of old codgers very loud and very rock - Its a shame that I wasted a small proportion of the event fantasising about clipping the back of J Cocker's greasy head with a well aimed bottle of Kronenbourg as he sat smugly in his box accompanied by various chin stroking lackeys-
Shot in Princelet St again - amazing house


The Wenhaston Doom

appeared in a dodgy TV ad to raise carbon footprint awareness
blink and you'll miss me - still was fun and met some nice people - back to Suffolk and more work on shoppe then onto a lovely fathers day lunch at the Anchor followed by a visit to the Wenhaston Doom in St Peter's Church - truly amazing imagery -



went to tacky fashion party and bumped into loads of old mates all searching for free booze
great fun


finally escaped the isle of wight got a bit messy with the NME then onto Sweden to test drive the new SAAB 93 which was awesome also had a go in this two stroke 1950 92 green thing which was a sod to drive but good fun


Red Arrows

the red arrows did a flyover today it was like being in the seventies again then I watched wolfmother kasabian winehouse and muse - wish malkmus was playing-


Isle Of Wight

Currently at the Isle Of Wight festival, very hot, the Stones are playing tomm night!


Suffolk weekend II

thee most beautiful weekend, walberswick was amazing-will post some shop renovation pics tomm, great fun knocking down walls-


Tate Modern

Had a fun time at the tate with Selva, watched Dali movies and drank tea