Just got back from a very exciting 12 mile trek up the Munro just in front of Ben Chonzie - we went to the exact spot that was very kindly pointed out to us by Iain the day before - after much anticipation and relentless searching in the dense heather we eventually unearthed some parts of the Fairey Barracuda - it was particularly poignant to discover a severely crumpled and shattered piece of aluminium fuselage from 831 Squadron's doomed training flight that has lain here in this bleak and lonely spot for sixty four years - incredible

Search for the Fairey Barracuda MK 2

I am in Crieff, Scotland with my dad searching for the wreck and crash site of his Uncle David's (who was only 20 years old) Fairey Barracuda which went down on May the 28th 1944 with the loss of all three lives onboard - we managed to make contact with an amazing guy, Iain the gillie on the Glen Turret estate, he kindly drove us to the location and afterwards primed us with Famous Grouse and great stories in the 'Beater's Bothy' today we climb up Ben Chonzie to try and retrieve some of the plane -


Cape Town John

CTJ arrived on Friday for Jane's wedding, we ate jerk chicken in Brixton and tried to avoid the marauding Public Enemy fans outside The Academy that mainly consisted of white football hooligans - CTJ then gorged himself on various back issues of Vice UK
for an entire day -


Remember When

Had a very Suffolk-esque few days - K0f1's birthday which was very jolly, caught up with Rob and The Stoat - then saw my second cousin treading the boards at the Half Moon in Putney - bit of a bumper crop of pics on this entry - Tomoland joins the cops!


Erik The Viking

Back from Croatia and off to the Photographica exhibition with assorted geeks - bought a camera strap -


Happy Birthday Steph

Currently in Croatia - celebrating Steph's 40th, nice place - off to Dubrovnik on a boat today! Kakosi! Zbogom!


Dave Cloud And The Gospel Of Power

Nice day in the sun, saw Sipke for retouching and printing, Keef and Gill - then amazing show at The Windmill by the indefatigable Dave Cloud - K0f1 got us in on the door as he interviewed the Nashville genius the other night at the 12 bar -sheer brilliance, last met him in London and before that in the legendary Springwater bar in the US - he's playing a couple of more shows in town, try and catch him! www.davecloud.com



Great time in Suffolk - washed up Bambi on Walberswick beach - Alfie modeling various shades - hooked up with Daniel and John and Anna - amazing C&W combo at The Social last night, David Drain and Band -
SS cooked a great dinner for the 'paries' at The Shop which now has amazing double glazed privacy glass -Arrived back in London and enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon at Chez Laidler in Crystal Palace where we tinkered with the Spitfire and ate chocolate brownies straight out of the oven courtesy of Dylan - PS Did you notice how much Alfie looks EXACTLY like the old woman in Belleville Rendezvous in the pink sunglasses shot? uncanny -


Lord Alfie

Had dinner in the over subscribed and vastly overrated Shoreditch House - Arrived in Suffolk with SS and Alfie - very relaxing - fine pint of 'twos' (Broadside and Adnams) in The Anchor - fired up the woodburner and settling in for the evening -