shot at castle gibson's loc house - old builders merchants - nice


Easter Egg For Your Dog

mmm, dog eggs - that's serge gainsbourgs grave as well - they played dylan's 'shelter from the storm' in flash forward this week from his hard rain album - although I hate to admit it - their choice of soundtrack was impeccable - this is an absolutely amazing version, totally brilliant - dylan at his joe strummer sound-a-like best

Trash Humpers!

This looks great - maybe will make it onto Harry Hill at some point -


springwater bar

these were taken in and around the CBGB's of nashville in 2001 on a Lambchop assignment for Jockey Slut mag -


badgehead and drugs

that's Barry Seven from legendary Add N To X

RIP Edward Woodward

This is rather a late respect blog to the great Edward Woodward who passed away on Nov the 16th aged 79 - the star of my favorite all time movie The Wicker Man - Here is the Dazed & Confused feature Tomoland and I put together after our first pilgrimage to the amazing movie locations in West Scotland on the thirtieth anniversary of it's original release -


Harry Hill, Gummo and The X Factor

harry hill sends up what has to be the front runner for the most surreal television moment of 2009
jamie archer a contestant on end-of-the-pier prole fest 'the x-factor' is invited to name his favourite movie -
the asinine archer then proceeds to baffle the charisma void judging panel (and i should imagine 99.9 percent of the viewing audience)
by citing his fave flick as harmony korine's 1997 cat killing, dwarf fondling paen to america's disenfranchised underbelly 'Gummo'
absolutely hilarious -



bit late in the day - finally got to see 'seizure' installation in SE1 - truly worthwhile nomination for the turner prize - it's on until 2010 and is a 'must-see' rest of pics are from afterwards - best fish and chips in town at 'masters' - dead rat in stockwell that looks so greasy i nearly puked shooting it -


Robert Crumb opening

went to RC opening at Scream Gallery on Bruton St - well worth a visit - great show - amazing unseen original artworks including his cheesy greeting cards - unfortunately the great man was in LA and not in attendance - was hoping to get another autograph for the collection -



The Legendary Joe Meek

'What becomes of people after they've had hit records and got used to that kind of lifestyle - not particularly money, but freedom of living like that, not having to get up in the morning, 9 to 5 - and suddenly that is taken away from them through lack of success or whatever? what becomes of them?' He said, "If they're artistic enough and they don't achieve success - because not all artistic people do achieve the success they deserve - then they die. I shall be dead and you shall be dead too if you don't keep on the right tracks."


white swan -

back in london now - very drunken evening in the white swan left me incapacitated all day sunday - bought a wild rabbit and am cooking it tomm in my slow cooker -


fire bomb night

dunwich beach - infra red and color - and peasenhall fireworks - spitfire running well, parked up in forest and collected pine cones for woodburner - weather is bionic and there is a fuck-off fireworx do at heveningham hall tonight (owned by the guy who owned foxtons) with a four story pyre and dodgems! we are abstaining from this and meeting the neighbours for a beer when they return from the event - nearly finished joe meek book -


K9 mask

stockwell green niece and nephew visit in the summer - now in suffolk by the woodburner and off to a bonfire do in peasenhall - just ate KIPPERS in laxfield lowhouse and they were bloody gorgeous - listened to joe meek cd on rotation all way up here - genius -



shot for guardian - steph styling - been retouching even more stuff in E9!!! and printing vastly improved portfolio -

connan and the mockasins/there goes tane

if you think this is great - check out sneaky sneaky dog friend - it is brilliant


Hello-ween pt 2

some extra pics of my banana guard - and legendary jock from hull on a recent trip to cafe sintra -