take the skinheads bowling

had a lovely lunch with trademark in ace soho backwater, proper 70's avacado vinagrette - then a spot of bowling in bloomsbury where they need to get some more balls with bigger finger holes for fat handed twats like moi -


the cow

met up with mr paul for a shell fish pig out west london binner hole the cow - always a great lunch, and pleasantly empty for a change - footy in the cock and bottle and more scoff in nott hill rounded off with a 'blaze' at d'ops drum - great sunday

nazis in aldeburgh

ok, i think i blogged this pic ages ago - but it's one of my faves from the aldeburgh carnival - this was one of the super enthusiastic nazis accompanying the 'sound of music' float - only in suffolk!

the bogs

eddo in denamrk - on a massive bender when he was drumming for kylie -

hark now hear the ipswich sing...

first home game of the season, one all to burnley - should have won!!! have fucked up my blog template somehow, so now it looks shit etc -


serrano de bergerac

spook tapas in vauxhall very tasty with director of ops - these two dudes are neighbours from madeira the excellent portugese cafe bar -


Nina -

shot in and around stockwell, during the world cup - appearing soon in a couple of mags - and i finally got to use my lady di postcard collage in a shoot -


almost vogue, not quite - shooting for conde nast brides (this story is out now) and vice mag, strange -



shot the very friendly rosamund pike for NG - in hardy amies gaff on saville row, thanks don and stefan!