jolly jack tar

got this at criterion auction, it now resides in the nautical suffolk bathroom - locked myself out of the place last night in my pyjamas at 11.30 - had to drive to folks place and sleep there - chap and I then went and retrieved the keys this morning with a giant fishing rod with a spirograph magnet on the end through a tiny kitchen window that had luckily been left open -


We Are The Molly Men

Traditional meet of the Old Glory Molly Men on St Stephens Day - very creepy - very cool

God Jul

in suffolk recovering from the christmasness - sitting in the angel now with a pint of 'twos' mmmmm - catching up on suffolk blogs - SS has just gotten the train back to the smoke from a very eerily atmospheric halesworth station, will be reunited on new years eve -


Feliz Natal

christmas has snuck up again post haste - we are off to suffolk later for the festivities, have managed to buy all the pressies and attend a few drinks - bloody freezing at the moment, here;s an old shot from an australian xmas many years ago - looking veryily forward to seeing the molly men on boxing day and trying to get some decent shots this time


booze, music and punk

great punk rock christmas night out with Farmer Duncan (one of my old art school pals) who was performing with Billy No Mates - (Snuff are playing tonight as well!) the legendary Wat Tyler headlined and were superb - cool support from The Bracelettes and Ted Leo - all this five minutes from the flat in Stockwell!


south efrikkka

just back from a very productive but hectic shoot in capetown - amazing food at Mzoli's Meat next to one of the townships - a total must-visit on a sunday if you are over there - slack blogging due to crap internet in hotel -


Dublin' up

Sitting in Ballsbridge in a Dublin hotel room - bit boring - had mad weekend in southend at a mates wedding and finally met keef's mum - found this amazing shot of him in photo album! proper Kid and Play stylee - home tomm



I have an interview and pics in this Frenchy mag -

"they're 'avin' a right old sort out!"

finally completed watching the magnificent on the buses movie trilogy - I think mutiny was actually the best one - the most reflective outing for stan and jack - fantastic seventies safari park jinks involving red arsed monkeys and lions - they really don't make them like this any more (which is probably a good thing) quite depressing that jack (bob grant) topped himself in 2003 after years of mental anguish -