everyone is a photographer...

section 44 protest alongside the thames (hold your fucking banner up properly you hippies!) - also detail of a light from the shittiest ugliest shittest building in london 'sea containers house' which I secretly quite admire - it's really eighties bleak, but I love the lights - - - - also stumbled across a genuinely baffling rankin exhibition underneath the oxo tower of BT 'young entrepeneurs' portraits that were so spectacularly shit that he must have sleep walked through the entire project with one eye squinting open sporadically on the vast unimaginable mountain of cash that they had to have paid him to go anywhere near such a turkey, and that's not me being tight! honestly, trot long and see for yourself if you don't believe me -


the red lion

met up with josh who was telling us about actual proper photo-shoots that he has been doing - must be nice! top ale fun in the red lion - keef looked like damian hirst - my sunspel pants arrived by royal mail - the gentleman's choice - observed giant wisdom teeth hassling commuters at stockers tube -



walked into town past the seat of government to view A Simple Man with keef at the prince charles (very smelly cinema) - met up with fella stewart in the stockpot - small lager in the french house - received 'endless night' on dvd - fantastic flick - check out young albarn-a-like hywell bennet in lead role -


viv albertine

viv albertine did a great very intimate set in the packed gladstone se1 - still got it - met up with the oxo, tomoland and jolly jenkins and ss for tapas in brindisa which is too fucking popular and full of people yakking and drinking and hogging tables from starving folk -


apres retouch e9

spent all day on prof green retouch then other stuff then drinks in the dolphin which is very grim at 6pm on the 2nd monday of 2010 but very endearing - ended up on chat roulette and eating hackney kebabs - i am cooking a rabbit tonight - finished simple men, hal hartley flick - the sonic youth section is still brilliant -


back to the tate

schlepped back to the tate to catch the very last day of pop life show - mainly to look at the nazi room again and try and guess who all the actors are in the pictures -

jack clapton


Die Nazis!

proper nazi-fest at the tate modern courtesy of piotr uklanski's room at the pop life show - bought excellent book about throbbing gristle 'wreckers of civilisation' - still find it bizarre that pete christopherson aka 'sleazy' from the band directed the blue merc vid 'love is the gun' way back in 1987 -