HMS Belfast

...is a great day out! really entertaining - I was fascinated by these guys - especially the Mick Jones look-a-like


Dead Cities

Chap's birthday! great tea and cheese scones in Dunwich (see sugar free badger) followed by Walberswickian boogie boarding and screwballs - light tea and cake in Peasenhall topped off with drinks in the Angel and The Social - back to the smoke demain -


walberswick beach

VERY hot day at the beach - Adrian G and Jenny arrived for lunch and Adnams -


Aldeburgh Carnival

Here are a couple of archive shots - one of my fave is from Aldeburgh Carnival a couple of years ago highlighting the Sound Of Music float - totally over zealous nazi presence I felt - why do toffs love dressing up in SS uniforms?


Latitude '08 (day three)

Absolutely shredded on the last day and night - Beggars were a great start to the day and Grinderman were sublime in the evening - made it back to the shop early hours monday morning feeling very fragile - ooh I hate that Cornelius Cobb so much...


Latitude Festival '08 (day two)

Might actually pitch a tent demain - the Little Ones were rather fine (although there is no bar near the Sunrise Stage for some strange reason, or Adnams Ale available anywhere on the site which is just plain fucking stupid considering the brewery is practically next door) - as were the At The Drive in copyists 'This City' from Brighton -

Latitude Festival '08

Richard Prince show at the Serpentine and then Latitude day 1 - Errors were amazing!