Night of the living T4's

Very busy Friday night, Lucy's 30th and then onto the wilds of Seven Sisters for Cappa's do - incredibly drunk, monster hangover, evening ended up back in Stockwell line dancing to Shooter Jennings and Tomoland narrowly avoiding a duffing up when he snapped a snoozing malevolent mini-cab driver on a greasy sofa -


We didn't burn him...

Three days in Suffolk, sublime weather, beach was amazing - once again visited the Wenhaston Doom, it's totally awesome - there seems to be a strange un-PC outbreak of the darker inhabitants of Noddy land across the country (see also Tomoland) - these fellas looked very at home in Aldeburgh - Dunwich beach is vanishing at an incredible rate, an incredible rate, an incredible rate...



Finally cought up with Annabel and Louie nearly a year after he arrived, managed a bit better with Neil and Maja, Misty is only five days old! very cute - on a more sinister note, on route to the aforementioned rendezvous I found myself pulling up behind the creepy Werthers original distributing Jonathan King! (normally his favoured position I suspect) that's his ostentatious Siver Spur mk II - check the number plate, you think he'd be a bit more low key -
Then onto the Enterprise in Camden for a good old fashioned shouty friday night booze up! 90's style - Indie, what happened? Sir Text-A-Lot and Tomoland were in attendance and fine fettle as we put to rights the entire universe - Suffolk tomorrow -


War is the last possible creative act...

Cought up with the Malk for a shoot straight off the plane from NY, felt very rough - left a brand new 320GB hard drive on a pay and display machine in Bedford Sq and drove home, it was still there an hour later! crazy!


Windsor Place

Two nice days in Brooklyn next to Prospect Park, took Zelda the big dog for lots of walks - cought up with Lee and Bryce and their brood - arrived home this morning feeling very ruff - six and a half hour delay! nice - still, the sun is shining!


Letter from america

keef and I spent a pleasant day wandering around town, went to Ground Zero and Century 21, strange bedfellows (not keef and I ) hooked up with Jenny, Donald and Matt in Charbon for mussells and burgers, I am off to Brooklyn today -