un flic

snowing too badly to get up the mountain today - went for swim and a steam/sauna now in the warm-up bar - jolly arriving tomm - slight delay his end - gumby set us all up with great boards and boots and treated us to a beer in his bar the vspot - some twat snowboarded down the stairs into a massive wall mirror and smashed it -

gumby - vspot


ninja scarecrow

3 days in suffolk, sea mist on the beach - ipswich vs plymouth, though not feeling particularly sanguine about the outcome of this match for the town I wasn't prepared for the utter crapness of their performance - good to see paul mariner at portman road again! the UFO trail in rendlesham forest is worth a gander - we are the meninblack -



looks like spring is coming - pootling around town sorting stuff, not a great deal going on - looking forward to sno-board trip - retouching friday with the dutch man - etc etc



did test shoot with welsh drummer girl at film plus - retouching next week -

musick for punkz

im in suffolk - maters day - did a spot of mfp deejaying on friday and saw kofi and the stoat and molly half head! very nostalgick - it feels like it might be the start of spring although that is march 21st i believe -



met steph stylist for fishy lunch in wright bros - good fare but dont get the tomato and onion salad, BORING! also met up with the callaghan in horrendous ipc media watering hole the refinery -



back in St. Ockwell now - very nice time in suffolk, very rancho relaxo - i never tire of the lowestoft kippers in the laxfield lowhouse, here they are in all their glory, they used to serve them in newspaper which was cool - also stumbled upon a very vaginal torso log next to the wood burner, really freaky - it got burnt in the end - that's my dad rocking a sinister ecky-thump style hannibal lecter look, and that's the folks together on a morning constitutional in peasenhall - listening to the boys first album and awaiting the delivery of the leyton buzzards compilation -


keef's kiwi doppleganger

genuinely spooky - this image has not been manipulated in any way to look like keef -


suffolk 2010

finally found an internet signal - in the old county for a short break - !