vintage elle girl

this shoot in bavaria didn't get published as the mag was rather stupidly shut down by the 'suits' just after it was delivered - i just found the polaroids and wanted to share -


double dame -

detail of bowie tatt and also a weird mural of bowie discovered on wall east-side on same day -



head bird

had a nice lunch with sipke in wapping by the river and were both entranced by this bird head -


they have also served...

in the words of paul moody - "they have also served tommo, they have also served..." apparently he is unable to pass by any disused public house with out uttering these words -



saw these in campsea ashe auction - should have bought them - check out DOP'S comment "fucking cutbacks: only two guys in the brick are wearing respirators"


oilseed rape

last week in suffolk - when it actually stopped raining, these hay fever inducing fields are everywhere -


go kart mozart - framlingham 13th may 2012

attended the framlingham gravity go kart competition to take pics of my nephew bilal and his mate nathan's entry 'F Zero' which was engineered and constructed by chap over the course of last year - it was very entertaining, sort of like a rural Mint 400 without the mind bending drugs and booze - hunter s. tomoland was also in attendance to document the event -


encore suffolk

back in suffolk for a massive go kart race in framlingham - tomoland is here too - here's some pix from last week, including the royal divorce mug collection i am amassing -


porpoise mort

ss and i found this fellow washed up on dunwich beach - fascinating to see close up - sadly it had been munched by something in the water -


Uncle Kit

check out this awesome pic of Tomoland's Uncle Kit taken in a lear jet in the 80's - that's him on the left clutching a copy of Playboy - he scanned this and sent it over from nassau a few minutes ago - nice one Kit!


Ritual - David Pinner

this is the book that the wicker man was adapted from - hardy, schaffer and lee bought the movie rights from pinner back in the day for about 10K I think - this is the 1968 second edition in paperback that cost me about 40 dollars - I love the cover - it's been reissued recently in a far less impressive jacket -



very sad to hear about mca's untimely death - the beasties are an institution and provided the soundtrack to a lot of great times in my life - one of my all time fave memories is being sent to ny by the nme to photograph them in the late nineties, I only got half an hour with them and moaned a lot, but in retrospect it was still awesome - here;s a battered old polaroid from my scrap book taken outside the soho grand using my kittens dressed as american football players back drop -


art friday -

went to the tate and then a show at chelsea college in the afternoon, and then saw these ace dandelions - weather is dismal - going to foxtrot oscar to suffolk -


KXP - shacklewell arms

went to see ss's mates band paserella death squad who were supporting KXP who were top entertainment - at the shacklewell arms where i saw an amazing poster that looks like set design left over from a nathan barley episode -