why is it that we only feel truly alive just before we die?

picked up cameras for shoot this saturday from sipke who kindly lugged them back from dubai for me - had a cheap soya latte in bethnal green, bought a 28mm lens for the G2 in west end - it's freezing and my boiler has died and I am being ripped off by a shit plumbing company who are supposedly coming today, I nearly smashed my flat up into little pieces earlier but refrained after they called me with more annoying news - er, looking really cross eyed and tired and hairy at the moment but its all coming off - i am having an eye test at 2.40 -

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The Callaghan said...

Boilers and plumbers. They rule the winter months, just like the Ice Queen.

Quick optician's impression for you.
Is this better? Or, how about now?